Belarus: An illustrated history


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Гісторыя беларусаў ад старажытнасці да канца 18 стагоддзя, расказаная па-ангельску, а таксама мовай мастацтва.

Пераклад з беларускай Джым Дынглі.

The history of Belarusians from antiquity to the end of the 18th century, told in English, as well as in the language of art.

Translated from Belarusian by Jim Dingley.

This richly illustrated book is intended primarily, but not solely, for young people. It takes readers on an adventure to one of the ‘new’ (since 1991) countries that have appeared on the map of Europe. It shows clearly that Belarus is not such a new country after all!
The book is the result of a unique collaboration between the skilled writer and historian Uladzimir Arloŭ, and the accomplished artist Paviel Tatarnikaŭ.

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